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Encouraged by Andy Warhol, photographer Leee Black Childers captured Rock and Rollers, celebrities, and the interesting characters that passed through The Factory, various rock clubs, and down dirty alleyways. Originally a tour manager for rock acts, he had rare access to a cool creative class of the 1970’s and 80’s, but wanted to be a photographer. Andy Warhol said to him, “Say you’re a photographer, and you’re a photographer”, so he was a photographer.

Sadly he passed away last week, but will be remembered for his (mostly black and white) portraits of Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and The Sex Pistols. His 2012 book, Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars and Punks captures this amazing underground society that few got to see in person.

Above: Photograph of Iggy Pop by Leee Black Childers


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Called the “The Noah of American Life”, by the journalist Philipp Blom, Alex Shear planned to open The Museum for Regular People before he passed away in early January. Famous for it’s size, Alex Shear collected some 100,000 items over fifty plus years. His collection included post-war ephemera and nostalgia that museums had no use for, including pillows shaped like soup cans, kitchen items, skateboards, and an array American kitch and every day items.

Someday that museum will open, and I will see you there.

Above: Alex Shear

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colbert letterman 660 reuters

This morning it was announced that the amazing Stephen Colbert will be the new host of Late Night replacing the equally amazing, David Letterman sometime next year. The news is bittersweet. I love them both, and will miss the two shows as they are now.

I guess I will have to get over it.

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What a nice week it has been. The weather… perfect. Visiting friends looking for Arizona sun… wonderful. Not writing this blog… heaven.

But, your compliments have been the best… and it will return… soon.

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Winters and springs are pretty awesome in Arizona… especially when the weather is extra harsh up north. Of course I am loving the sun right now, but what I am really enjoying are the many visitors coming down to visit. This year has brought a more than usual share of friends and family coming down to get away. And, it is alright with me!

So, here I go, off to the airport again to shuttle a very good friend for their mini-vacation away from the cold.

I will see them again when I need to get out of here this summer.

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Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is disturbing, violent, hard to watch, and thrilling. If it is too much to watch for you, check it out for the timelessly beautiful sets. Full of pod chairs, sleek modern lighting, psychedelic wallpaper, and the best in modern art of the time (1971), the sets are some of the grooviest ever filmed.

Above: Sets from A Clockwork Orange. Production Design by John Barry, Art Direction by Russell Hagg, Peter Sheilds

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