Over the weekend I helped a friend with his yard sale, and I scored a couple of  educational books. Let the learning begin.



photo 2

This morning I craved some fresh grapefruit juice, so I walked down the street to my neighbor’s home, brazenly walked in their back yard, and pulled down a few from the trees. That is the kind of amazing neighborhood in which I live.


So, if you liked yesterday’s blog posting and you are feeling calm, you might feel even calmer if you listen to sleepify on spotify. Or, maybe not.



Everyone needs at least five to ten minutes of calm every day. Maybe it can find it at calm.com.


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Spring is here, and asparagus is in season. That is reason to celebrate. I was all ready to write about my love of asparagus.

But, the other day the price I paid was 75 cents a pound. This price is way below what a domestic asparagus farmer can break even at. It seems that Mexican farmers are flooding the market with cheap asparagus, and California farmers are not even bothering to sell their product, so their asparagus is just destroyed.

As a consumer, this leaves me questioning my purchase. I want to support American farmers. Asparagus is awesome. I want to save money. If consumers do not buy the product, food gets thrown away. Is my love for asparagus over?



While I paint, NPR is tuned in on the radio. I often listen for six to eight hours, and while I am up on the latest news stories, by the end of the day I might have heard the same story a couple of times.

Saturdays are an added treat when I have potpourri of entertainment available all day. Starting off with Weekend Edition, Car Talk, and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, I am blissful by the time I listen to Ask Me Another, This American Life, and RadioLab. Painting is never a chore, but if I am ever in a creative slump, I can at least laugh and learn something.

Above: Episode Taping of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.


I always have a blanket in the back of my car for emergencies. Sometimes when I find a nice shady spot on a wonderfully beautiful day, the blanket comes in handy for a an impromptu picnic. Sitting under an impressive tree with a bit to eat is what life calls for.

Above: A simpler time gone bad